More than 20 days

Well I wrote in here 20 days after surgery of the back spine stimulator. Well it’s been a while they put the spine stimulator in and we couldn’t get the battery to charge. Finally I was able to get it to recharge and by then they had scheduled surgery to replace the battery. When I woke up from the surgery they had removed the whole unit and said they could get it to work and I would have to see a Nuerosurgeon. Fast forward I ended up see the surgeon he wanted to do a MRI which I can’t do because I am very,very clausterphobic. So they have scheduled me for a MRI in May where they put you to sleep. I recently have seen a new pain doctor and he is looking into what happen you know getting a second opinion. I am suppose to see him next Thursday we shall see.

20 Days later

It has been 20 days since surgery and today we haven’t found the program that helps me with the pain like when we did the trial. The rep from Nevro told me it is not unusual durning the trial they sort of through it all at you and then during the permanent one we try different programs until they find the one that works.

The other issue that I am having is that we are unable to charge the battery. I am pretty swollen and very bruised so we are waiting for the brusing to go down. We have also turned the unit off to wait until we can see what is going on with the battery.

I still am unable to bend over, reach or lift heavy things. SO waiting is the big key here. Learning to be wait and see

My new journey into the world of spinal stimulators

I have spinal stenosis which had caused me much chronic pain for many years and has limited my mobility. So after many times try to find a solution which includes – acupuncture, massage, pain shots, physical therapy just to name a few I spoke to my Pain doctor about the next steps that I could take to help me. He told me about HFX Nevro spinal stimulator and I decided to try it. Now when I say try it that is what I did, also the way they do it. They have a seven day trial in which the device is temporary placed in the body and the battery and wires are taped to the out side of your body. So in May of this year 2023 I had the trial done. I was amazed at the results 75 to 80 percent of the pain was GONE, I was able to stand more than 5 min at a time and walk without my cane or walker. So hands down I was ready to go the next step.

Now before I go to the next step I want to warn you that getting the trial was not without issues. It was boarder line painful they need to track the insert to make sure they were effecting each spot on the spine as they put the wires through. Also I am a big person with big breast and belly and laying on the belly is very uncomfortable at the best of times for me. But I do not regret doing it.

So on the 6th of September I was schedule to get my spinal stimulator done. I arrived at a hospital I never have been in only to find there was no one to escort me to the operating room and had to wait 45 min for some one to show up. I was concerned this would cause a big delay in me getting my surgery. But it didn’t when we got to day surgery the took me right back and started and IV took blood and so many different people came to meet me and talk. Nice thing about the surgery is you are asleep so you don’t know if it’s painful..

I would like to play a side note here. I have alpha-gal which means I have been bitten by a lone star tick and now can no longer have mammal products. You would be so surprised where mammal products are they are in medicine, food and so much more. This hospital was aware of this issue and Pharmacists had already reseached and had a list of yes or no items that could be used. I was impressed because so many people are unaware especially in the medical community.

When I woke up from surgery I was then released to go home. I have a sore throat from the breathing tube this is normal for me, a few years ago during oral surgery I loss my voice for 6 months because of it. They might have angered a nerve when they were inserting the lines and I ended up with AWFUL pain down my right side. Yesterday I contacted the HFX Nevro rep and we turned down the devices which has helped and now we are waiting for the nerve to become less angry (my word for it). So now it is a week plus one day from surgery I actually drove myself somewhere yesterday and I am feeling better however there is this thing called pocket pain, which is the area around the battery that they insert under the skin. I am very tender there it will take a little time but as I was told and believe ICE is your friend.

In a slump

I seem to be in a slump, I haven’t been feeling like doing any art. My artroom is such a mess but slowly I am trying to get back in the mood. There are a few reasons why I am in the slump.

New dog- Daisy

First one has to do with getting a new puppy, like having a toddler I have to see her all of the time so that keeps me busy but that should pass. I also have cat issues, my cat litter box is in the art room because, it is the only room that the dog can’t go in so I can keep her away for kitty crunches.

So I am trying to spend at least an hour a day in the artroom doing something. For Christmas my husband is getting me power tools. So hopefully it will be another reason to do more art work.

doing art again

It seemed like so many other people, COVID created a void in my life and I wasn’t in much of a mood to do art. I think I felt the global energy of fear that engulfed the nation. I just couldn’t seem to do much art at all. So recently I have take a few classes from the local art store and online to see if it might spark the creative side of me to do things again. It has helped I signed up for two workshops one in Paducha, Ky and a couple month later at Mineral Point,Wi. Both of these workshops were presented by Michael DeMeng ( assemblage Artist. I always find I am not that happy with the items I make when I attend a workshop because I follow a lot of the technique the Artist tell you about and I end up with a muddy piece.


Ahgee is my first item I made in Paducah.


This is the one I made in Mineral Point, Wi

Spring is coming

Yes my joy of ending the very cold and snow days is approaching. I am finally leaving my den, I tend to hibernate during the winter. So to bump up the creative juices I signed up for a few art classes at a local art store. I took a creative painting and creative drawing. The painting class is finished but I still have a couple more meetings for the drawing class. below are some of the pictures from the painting class.

I am also going to start a new class in April plus take a trip to kentucky for another art work shop and my husband is going with me so we are making this a vacation. Some pictures I did after my drawing class.

I just purchased tickets for Kansas Comic Con this is a bucket list item for me and then to top it off I am going to dress up. I will not show my outfit until after the Con so check back or come to Comic-Con

Lets have Lunch

An Afternoon Lunch

In my last post I wrote about once again having to make changes to my eating habits. It has been suggested that I stay away from dairy along with mammal product and gluten. I almost wonder what will be next, LOL. Last night we had salmon and mash potatoes and a veggie. I had a bit of the salmon left over so I made myself a grain bowl for lunch. I used quinoa, a cup of ready made, and cut up cabbage, onion, salmon, red onion, celery and dairy free feta cheese. I added the salmon crumbled and topped it with a vinaigrette dressing. Tasted pretty good and I didn’t miss the dairy. AND the best part is no reaction.

Earlier today we headed to the grocery store to make changes to our pantry. I viewed all the different Vegan options and then also check out diary/gluten free and of course no mammal product. I follow a couple alpha-gal groups on facebook and it can get very very confusing On what is safe and what it not. So I am planning to continue to work with the Chiropractor the does SAAT for me and to keep a journal of what I eat and how I feel so I can connect the dots on what I can and cannot eat.

Unlike gluten-free this Alpha-gal is so very confusing, it isn’t just avoid Beef, Pork, Lamb etc… but there is so many other things that cause cross contamination. A friend who has alpha-gal purchased a protein drink marked VEGAN the had animal protein added. Some people don’t realize gelatin is made from mammal product and that means that you have to be aware of what king of medication you take “No Gel Capsules”. Then there is also the issue that not everyone is a like in their reactions and allergy. One person may go into anaphylactic shock where other just may have gastric issues, brain fog and bone pain oh also skin dermatitis.

The Body is such a mystery to me sometimes- I honestly didn’t believe I was having any reactions to Dairy but after speaking to my Doctor I was so shocked. I will continue to blog about my journey on these changes in my eating and how it helps me.

Food has become my enemy

Food is my enemy

In my last blog I spoke about how having AlphGal and how things have changed. I now feel the need to go deeper into that. Yesterday I went to a local, well sort of local, Chiropractor who works with SAAT (Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment). this is a good site to understand this testing So first they test you to see what you trigger on – they use this technique tests muscle strength in order to diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments through weak muscles. Not only that, but muscle response testing can also be used to identify allergies and other types of sensitivities.

Well I seemed to test on some many different things including dairy ( no more cheese or ice cream with dairy) and MCASAA which is also referred as MAST CELL short description is my body creates to much Histamine. So after the test I ended up with three acupuncture needles in my right ear. I will be wearing this for four weeks and then will return and retest and see if they help settle my reaction.

The one thing my Doctor told me several times this is not a cure if anything it might take those things into remission so my body might begin to heal some and maybe even be able to enjoy so of the foods on the naughty list. I found a blog online where the person said calls it Vegan with a side of Chicken I have many many items to avoid and a few that I can have.

This reminds me of a old man I once meet who said “When I was young we couldn’t afford the good food and now that I am older and can afford it I can’t have because of my health”

Living With Alpha-Gal Syndrome

What is Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), or mammalian meat allergy. It is a tick-induced allergy to galactose-α-1,3-galactose. This sugar, commonly known as alpha-gal, is found in all mammals except for humans and some primates. Products made from mammals can also contain alpha-gal. These include mammalian meat (like beef, pork, and lamb), milk and dairy products, gelatin, medications, medical products (like heparin and vaccines), personal care products (like lotion and make-up), and many other items.  Reactions, which can be life-threatening, may be immediate, as in the case of injected drugs, or delayed from 2 to 10 hours, as is typical after the consumption of  mammal meat.

Several years ago I was have a lot of gi issues, massive migraines, and overall pain in joints. I got so tired of it that I went to a ND Doctor and she had me go gluten free and dairy free. Things seemed to improve my migraines were not so extreme, Gi issues improved but Never ever settle down. This was at a time before Gluten became the new key word so to say, now a days there are so many things listed as gluten free that shopping is easy and even finding places to eat out. But back then not so much I remember leaving Walmart Super Store the first time I was told to go gluten free. I cried all the way home saying I will never be able to eat anything again. My husband is a super star he dug in and we found enough recipes to make eating enjoyable. I should also take a moment here and let you know that I have had a eating disorder for many years. I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t obsessed with food and here I was having to be obsessed with what I eat, reading lables research if I could eat something. Fast forward I have been living comfortable with being gluten free transitioning that highway with great success only a few times did I get gluten.

So recently I have start to have more gi issues and my migraines were again getting intense, I knew I was avoiding gluten so I went to my doctor and ask her about it, first she ran a blood allergy test. When it came back it said I was allergic to beef. I have a fellow female veteran who has Alph-gal so I ask the doctor to run an AG test and she replied well just don’t eat beef. I remembered a getting bite by a tick and it had a spot on the back- lone star tick. So I asked another doctor and she ran the test and it came back positive. So at first I was like well ok something new. No anger, no depression just another twist in my eating. However today I have had a real slap of reality.

On Sunday I had a strong vertigo attack, spinning like crazy laying down, setting up it was bed enough I decided to go to the ER. At the pharmacy I am red flag as Alpha-gal BECAUSE seriously there is a lot of mammal product used in pharmaceutical. I was unable to recieve any medication because it was Sunday and there was no place they could check to see if the medication the Doctor prescribed me was okay to take. I would have to wait until the next day Monday where they could check it out.

I am setting here at 7:00pm on Monday and still no medication because they still have to have the company who make the medication to call back and let them know if there are mammal products in the pills. It is important to be aware the Alpha-gal is not just avoiding beef or other hooves animal. I have done a lot of research AG have a saying Fins,feathers, and scales when it comes to save to eat.

New strain of the virus

Well now there is this new strain and I believe those in control are worried. Since the beginning of Corona hospital have asked us to wear mask, and it even doesn’t matter if it cloth or surgical just wear a mask. Today the local hospital and doctors office has come out and mandated surgical mask only no cloth, nothing with valves and no shields. So I do believe this strain now must be more than we the public understand. I am taking this seriously and will be back again using mask everywhere, washing hands or/and using hand disinfection, avoiding crowds and trying to limit my interactions with people.