Living With Alpha-Gal Syndrome

What is Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), or mammalian meat allergy. It is a tick-induced allergy to galactose-α-1,3-galactose. This sugar, commonly known as alpha-gal, is found in all mammals except for humans and some primates. Products made from mammals can also contain alpha-gal. These include mammalian meat (like beef, pork, and lamb), milk and dairy products, gelatin, medications, medical products (like heparin and vaccines), personal care products (like lotion and make-up), and many other items.  Reactions, which can be life-threatening, may be immediate, as in the case of injected drugs, or delayed from 2 to 10 hours, as is typical after the consumption of  mammal meat.

Several years ago I was have a lot of gi issues, massive migraines, and overall pain in joints. I got so tired of it that I went to a ND Doctor and she had me go gluten free and dairy free. Things seemed to improve my migraines were not so extreme, Gi issues improved but Never ever settle down. This was at a time before Gluten became the new key word so to say, now a days there are so many things listed as gluten free that shopping is easy and even finding places to eat out. But back then not so much I remember leaving Walmart Super Store the first time I was told to go gluten free. I cried all the way home saying I will never be able to eat anything again. My husband is a super star he dug in and we found enough recipes to make eating enjoyable. I should also take a moment here and let you know that I have had a eating disorder for many years. I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t obsessed with food and here I was having to be obsessed with what I eat, reading lables research if I could eat something. Fast forward I have been living comfortable with being gluten free transitioning that highway with great success only a few times did I get gluten.

So recently I have start to have more gi issues and my migraines were again getting intense, I knew I was avoiding gluten so I went to my doctor and ask her about it, first she ran a blood allergy test. When it came back it said I was allergic to beef. I have a fellow female veteran who has Alph-gal so I ask the doctor to run an AG test and she replied well just don’t eat beef. I remembered a getting bite by a tick and it had a spot on the back- lone star tick. So I asked another doctor and she ran the test and it came back positive. So at first I was like well ok something new. No anger, no depression just another twist in my eating. However today I have had a real slap of reality.

On Sunday I had a strong vertigo attack, spinning like crazy laying down, setting up it was bed enough I decided to go to the ER. At the pharmacy I am red flag as Alpha-gal BECAUSE seriously there is a lot of mammal product used in pharmaceutical. I was unable to recieve any medication because it was Sunday and there was no place they could check to see if the medication the Doctor prescribed me was okay to take. I would have to wait until the next day Monday where they could check it out.

I am setting here at 7:00pm on Monday and still no medication because they still have to have the company who make the medication to call back and let them know if there are mammal products in the pills. It is important to be aware the Alpha-gal is not just avoiding beef or other hooves animal. I have done a lot of research AG have a saying Fins,feathers, and scales when it comes to save to eat.