Food has become my enemy

Food is my enemy

In my last blog I spoke about how having AlphGal and how things have changed. I now feel the need to go deeper into that. Yesterday I went to a local, well sort of local, Chiropractor who works with SAAT (Soliman’s Auricular Allergy Treatment). this is a good site to understand this testing So first they test you to see what you trigger on – they use this technique tests muscle strength in order to diagnose structural, muscular, chemical, and mental ailments through weak muscles. Not only that, but muscle response testing can also be used to identify allergies and other types of sensitivities.

Well I seemed to test on some many different things including dairy ( no more cheese or ice cream with dairy) and MCASAA which is also referred as MAST CELL short description is my body creates to much Histamine. So after the test I ended up with three acupuncture needles in my right ear. I will be wearing this for four weeks and then will return and retest and see if they help settle my reaction.

The one thing my Doctor told me several times this is not a cure if anything it might take those things into remission so my body might begin to heal some and maybe even be able to enjoy so of the foods on the naughty list. I found a blog online where the person said calls it Vegan with a side of Chicken I have many many items to avoid and a few that I can have.

This reminds me of a old man I once meet who said “When I was young we couldn’t afford the good food and now that I am older and can afford it I can’t have because of my health”