Lets have Lunch

An Afternoon Lunch

In my last post I wrote about once again having to make changes to my eating habits. It has been suggested that I stay away from dairy along with mammal product and gluten. I almost wonder what will be next, LOL. Last night we had salmon and mash potatoes and a veggie. I had a bit of the salmon left over so I made myself a grain bowl for lunch. I used quinoa, a cup of ready made, and cut up cabbage, onion, salmon, red onion, celery and dairy free feta cheese. I added the salmon crumbled and topped it with a vinaigrette dressing. Tasted pretty good and I didn’t miss the dairy. AND the best part is no reaction.

Earlier today we headed to the grocery store to make changes to our pantry. I viewed all the different Vegan options and then also check out diary/gluten free and of course no mammal product. I follow a couple alpha-gal groups on facebook and it can get very very confusing On what is safe and what it not. So I am planning to continue to work with the Chiropractor the does SAAT for me and to keep a journal of what I eat and how I feel so I can connect the dots on what I can and cannot eat.

Unlike gluten-free this Alpha-gal is so very confusing, it isn’t just avoid Beef, Pork, Lamb etc… but there is so many other things that cause cross contamination. A friend who has alpha-gal purchased a protein drink marked VEGAN the had animal protein added. Some people don’t realize gelatin is made from mammal product and that means that you have to be aware of what king of medication you take “No Gel Capsules”. Then there is also the issue that not everyone is a like in their reactions and allergy. One person may go into anaphylactic shock where other just may have gastric issues, brain fog and bone pain oh also skin dermatitis.

The Body is such a mystery to me sometimes- I honestly didn’t believe I was having any reactions to Dairy but after speaking to my Doctor I was so shocked. I will continue to blog about my journey on these changes in my eating and how it helps me.