doing art again

It seemed like so many other people, COVID created a void in my life and I wasn’t in much of a mood to do art. I think I felt the global energy of fear that engulfed the nation. I just couldn’t seem to do much art at all. So recently I have take a few classes from the local art store and online to see if it might spark the creative side of me to do things again. It has helped I signed up for two workshops one in Paducha, Ky and a couple month later at Mineral Point,Wi. Both of these workshops were presented by Michael DeMeng ( assemblage Artist. I always find I am not that happy with the items I make when I attend a workshop because I follow a lot of the technique the Artist tell you about and I end up with a muddy piece.


Ahgee is my first item I made in Paducah.


This is the one I made in Mineral Point, Wi