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Well last night or sometime yesterday they extended the shelter in place to the end of April. Things are getting real here the dogs are complaining cause they get no alone time, they can’t go through the trash with someone around all the time. The cats yea they are highly upset since I moved all the toliet paper up were they can’t reach it to play with anymore.

We are doing okay here its nice that we both have a place in the house where we can get away from each other so I still have a bit of alone time and so does my husband. I reach out to my friend through the week just to check on them and checking on family during this time. I know they keep saying social distancing but I say physical distancing social connection. Last night the Greater Kansas city Interfairth group had a online (ZOOM) pray gathering and my and my husband took part in that and it was kind of nice to do. As I was getting ready for going online looking to see what kind of mess you can see behind me I got to thinking about what I was going to say. I remembered hearing about the drum you can hear all over the reservation in South Dakota and hearing how since people are staying in things are improving less pollution, cleaner waters, animal returning. So this came to me:

Can you hear the drums? They beat the heart beat of Mother Earth. The Mother Earth will heal us but first we must let her heal.

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  1. Barb

    Glad you guys are taking care of yourselves. I am too. Heather is still in the jail but hopefully will be in the mental health center soon. It’s harder with everything shut down. Love you

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