Just another day

Well yesterday was a pretty day warm with a light breeze and I just couldn’t set here in the house so we decided to take a ride in Serenity. Serenity is my 2000 Roadtrek170 popular a class A RV. We went to the lake near our house and pulled out the lawn chairs and set and enjoyed it for a couple of hours. While there my friend Linn and her dog Radar came to visit in her Roadtrek Mora we kept our distance from each other but just enjoyed being out and being able to talk to each other in person.

I have also been busy sewing, first I completed a jacket I had cut out along long time ago. then the media started asking for cloth masks and now they are saying we should wear them when we go out SOO I have been making masks. I use to make cloth dolls so I collect a lot of fat quarters to make clothes for them so I have a lot of cloth that I can make into masks. I also found a box that was full of fat quarters that I know I didn’t buy but someone must have given me, which included some star war material. I have had a trial on the masks first couldn’t get earloops right then tried to make ties but just didn’t work. Then I broke my sewing machine, well I have two one is a brother with lots of neat stiches and stuff, that’s the one I broke or course, and a singer that a simple straight and zigzag machine. I couldn’t find the plug for the singer so ordered one from online. It came in and I got to work I have figured it out and now I am making a few a day. I can only set at the sewing machine for so long before my back start to hurt and I have to change positions.

For those who don’t know I have COPD and need oxygen when I am up and active, I am over 60 and so that puts me in a high risk category so my husband does all the errands in town like grocery shopping. So I counted yesterday I had not been out of the house for 28 days so I did need a little R&R ride to change the view. Today I am right back in the house and going to go back to making mask after lunch.

I also thought I would ad a little note here about masks and glasses. I got this information online not sure if it works but so far I have used the metal in my mask and don’t have a eyeglass foggy issue.

  • If you are wearing a traditional mask, you can squeeze the metal nose piece tight so warm air from your mouth and nose won’t blow up to your glasses.
  • If you made your own cloth mask, you can sew a paperclip into the nose bridge. You can then fit the paperclip to your nose and cheekbones to limit fogging.
  • You could also fold a piece of tissue like an accordion and put it in the open space between the mask and your face

  1. Dona McFerrin

    Enjoyed your blog. Sounds like you and Bill are making the situation into a livable period of your life. This stay home assignment is working for me but several years ago I would have gone bonkers in three days. Age of 87 should show maturity right? Stay safe cuz!

  2. Barb

    Glad you are keeping busy. Just got evicted from trailer. Couch surfing. H still in jail. Still sick with congested lungs. Still off work. Praying. Love you.

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