Just another day in

That just about says it. IN. If it wasn’t for my phone I wouldn’t even know what day it is. They just seem to flow together. I have been busy completeing some sewing projects tried to make some mask but so far not being very successful. I am not giving up yet after all got a few days to play here in the house. Starting to get phone calls from the VA rescheduling my appointments to telephone which is fine with me the longer I can stay away from people and practice socail distancing is find with me.

Yesterday I set my alarm and my husband came in and we did some chair exercises and today I went up and down the stairs which for me is a bit of a workout. I think I will look into some other exercise things for Monday. Today the Government said GM would be making ventilators so I don;t know how that’s going to work or how it will affect my husband but maybe he will be back to work soon. He is getting unemployment so hopefully we will be okay. Hey its not like we didn’t just go through this for 6 weeks during the strike. We have plenty of food and even more art supplies and gobs of things to do. I even have a honey do list that he is avoiding.

There is a local company that is making hand sanitizers instead of brewing and just this week they made so you could buy it online and pick it up, before that you had to wait in line in your car and hope they didn’t run out. So I order some yesterday and we will be picking some up tomorrow at 9:00 am so I will at least go on a car ride. But all and all we are doing good and taking time. Each day we come together, him from the garage me from the art room and check in. Trying to keep it normal.