Checking In

Setting at the Lake, while maintaining social distancing

We are beginning our 6 week of isolation, well Bill has not worked for 6 weeks, I sort canceled all of my appoints the week before so I am going into 7 weeks. The GM strike we had in September lasted 6 weeks so we sort of done this already. Hoping we will be back to work by 1 June but time will tell. All we have done is go to the store for groceries and Bill mainly did that. Twice now on a nice day we have gone out a set by a local lake and enjoyed the sun and watched people fish. Today I watch two blue herons flying back and forth and one of them almost landing where a goose was which turned into sort of a stand off.

I have COPD so when I am up and active I am suppose to be using oxygen, then comes this Virus and we now are asked to wear masks. So I contacted my Doctor and asked about wearing the mask over my oxygen and was told its ok. SO this works out good for me because I also am claustrophobic and having the o2 on under the mask helps me. I can’t imagine what its like for other people who are claustrophobic.

I have been very busy making masks I have about 10 more cut out to make for my husband when he starts back to work, I believe he will need to use them when he walks through the plant.