April 22 2020 Earth Day

It was 50 years ago that the first Earth Day happened. I was just graduating High School and trying to figure what came next. Wow the next, I got married, had a child, got Divorced and joined the Navy in a span of three years. Oh I also attend a couple of college classes in Wichita State University. I still remember being in one of those auditorium type class room and have my purse dump and out came a child’s pacifier fall out. I spent my son’s first birthday in Navy boot camp I felt bad about that but felt it was the best choice to be able to support my little family since I was a single mother. So after boot camp I went to my first duty station took a couple month to settle in and get base housing. Then my son joined in me in Sunnyvale California, which from what I understand I would not be able to afford a place there now that it is silicon valley.

I ended up spending twenty years in the Navy, it was in the Navy while stationed at Pax River, Maryland that I met my husband and we married a few years after I retired, but that another story. And I seemed to have wondered from my reason for this post. I don’t remember much about the Earth Day Actions I was just to busy working in the Military and raising a son. It was only after I retired and moved to Las Vegas that I began to be aware of it and civil action that were going on. Mecury Nevada is the site of nuclear testing and every year there would be a big march to the site with civil action- being trespassing and getting arrested. I never took part in the marches or the civil action but would go to the Veterans camp and help where I could with cooking, cleaning etc… alway a behind the scenes action.

This year theme is climate action and from behind the scenes I am working on reducing my carbon foot print. I us towels and rags instead of paper towels, my group of friends have all made feast bundles which means when we get together we bring our own reusable dishes, silverware and drank containers. I am also spending time during this pandemic to research and see what else I can do.