Just another Day or is it?

We have been at stay at home/social distancing for over 6 weeks now. I think, well sometimes I am not even sure what day it is they have seem to run into each other. Maybe today is Sunday or Monday not sure. I believe it is now the month of May, April just kind of disappeared into a blur of being in the house.

I was signed up for a weekend camping adventure for June but just got a letter and they cancelled seem like life will still be on hold until summer is over, In fact I believe it will be in a holding pattern until they have a immunization for it. Then people will feel a bit safer, I know I will I fall in the at risk category.

I wonder how long people will remember this time and everything being closed, people wearing masks. How long will it just be a memory spoke about on the television like 9-11, Vietnam War, Kennedy’s assassination things only half remembered like the Spanish Flu, did we learn a lesson will we remember the simple steps that can help keep us from getting virus. Wash you Hands, cough into you elbow, stay at home when your sick. Time will tell