Summer continues on

Well it is now August I just so wonder how the time is flying so quickly. We have been still having the COVID virus knocking us for a loop here in the United States. There is so many finger pointing as to why we are were we are with this virus but I feel we just need to concentrate on what will help us to flatten the curve. That is wearing the mask, washing hands and avoiding large groups and stay 6 feet apart. It’s just that simple…. There is no guarantee that do this will stop you from getting the virus but it might help you.

I have COPD and find wearing the mask is very hard for me. I have trouble breathing even when I am wearing my oxygen under the mask. but I feel that by wearing the mask I am doing my part and keeping the virus away from me and you.

I have been making several different styles of mask just to find the one that I can handle wearing for more than 5 minutes at a time.