Covid 19. 10 August how time flies

The last time I posted was the Last of May so we have made it through June and July. Do to the Virus there hasn’t been much to write about I mainly spend my day at the house only to go out to grocery shop. I did go camping two times but both times I spent it pretty much by myself a friend camped next to me but we stayed 6 feet apart. It was really nice to finally get out of the house and allowed my a chance to just watch people in the campground. I went camping last week for two days we had a fire each night. My friend also put some popcorn kernals in the fire and so we would be setting there and watch a kernal pop every so often it was sort of fun.

The Virus is still very much a major issue, the case number still keep rising. People refuse to wear the masks and go out in large groups. We have had a lot of Black Life Matter protest and the media showed lots of people without masks.. Which I feel helps to contribute to the rising numbers of Covid cases.

The report on the vaccine are promising from different sources maybe available by January 2021. There are several who are in phase 3 testing which is from what I understand is the last phase before releasing it to the public.

So only time will tell how much longer we will be staying housebound, avoiding going out to eat and getting together with friends. I do so miss getting together with friends.