The end of May

Well another month has gone by well almost today is the 29 Monday will be the first of June. I don’t know actually what to say about the last three month, life seems to just go into a void nothing to speak of nothing. I have stayed in my home as much as possible only going to get groceries when needed. I have watched television, I have played in my art room, made masks and played with my sewing machine. Two weeks ago my husband went back to work that was good for him. I have had three in house doctor appointments and a couple of Zoom type appointments. Speaking of Zoom I have had a couple times to meet friends on Zoom, must say it’s been nice to be able to do that a chance for talking to someone beside my husband or the cat. I have been able to talk via internet, facetime, and phone to speak to my local friend every day but even that seem lacking to how we use to meet at least once a week for lunch and chat. That will start back again someday but right now I myself am not ready to go hang out where there are a lot of people.

Last weekend was memorial weekend and it seems that people aren’t handling social distancing well because bars, pools and such were very crowded. So now I am waiting to see what happens in 14 to 15 days if there is a spike in the numbers of people who get the virus. As I set her it is Friday the weekend comes and I can’t see anything different then any other day. I remember when the weekend was my time off now its just another day.