Is this the new normal?

How many of you are asking this, I know I have been. Have we become so comfortable with touch and being close that now we are forced to put distance between ourselves and others. As a person who suffers from PTSD I personally have been avoiding large groups and even in a large group I try to create a bit of a bubble (distance) but that just my disease.

I think the most positive thing to say about this time is to remain calm, yea what happens when someone tells me to remain calm….How am I going to do that.

1. Watch less of the news about the virus, it’s good to be informed but not obsessed.

2. Find projects that I have had on the back burner and work on them, like this blog.

3. Do something I enjoy.. read a book, paint, sew, cook.

4. Find a movie even if it’s one I have seen before and set back and enjoy it

5. Have a quiet conversation with your family.

6. Play some board games or cards with your family

7. Listen to music and get up and dance no one’s watching

8. I f you are missing social contact… there are several programs to do face to face talking.

So with this list I think I might just find something worth keeping me busy during this time of Social Distancing. I bet you can have a list of your own if not feel free to use some ideas on my list.

All I can say is DO NOT PANIC, stay centered and breathe.

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  1. Dona McFerrin

    Very good blog. I’m trying to be a creative cook using pantry items. Been surprisingly good and still have plenty to use. Good to see your blog. I can imagine you’re doing some creative painting???

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