Goodbye August

Well that was summer, now comes September well I am sure we are still going to have warm days but it always seems that once August ends that is the end of summer we have labor day and everyone returns to school from summer vacation. Summer 2020 has been something I could have slept through and you know what I may have. There is not a lot about this summer that I can talk about. The Best I can say is COVID, but honestly — many protests and riots, such hate and anger all around. People just being rude and entitled. Double hurricanes hitting the Gulf region. Mandatory mask wearing all most everywhere and truthfully I would wear the mask even if it wasn’t mandatory. Oh and what about all the political ads they are soooo nasty. I just feel I can’t believe any of them.

I have spend the last few days sorting through my art room and art supplies. It seems I have three hobbies – making art, collecting art supplies and trying to organize the stuff I have so I can get more art supplies. Such a circular hobby don’t you know.