A Year in a Panedemic

In March 2020 the United States declared we were in a state of emergency over the COVID19 virus. People made mad dash runs at the grocery store, the shelfs were emptying out there was a lack of toilet paper, paper towels, disinfection supplies. We stayed in our house for 14 days and Bill’s company shut down for 6 weeks. Every one is required to wear a mask and to keep social distancing.

Now a year later sometimes it seems surreal when I go to the grocery and see everyone wearing a mask. Something I don’t think I would have ever seen before. We are still maintaining social distances wearing mask and washing/sanitizing our hands all the time. There still are shortage of some things but that is because of companies have to close for a bit so stock got low. Where my husband works they have had to lay people off because of lack of parts.

The good news is they have developed vaccines against the the COVID virus well at least three and maybe four and are currently vaccinating people as fast as they can. I was able to get my first on February 10 and second in March 10 and so was Bill. The first one we both just had a little pain on injection site and a little tired but the second one I ended up with a large knot on my shoulder at the injection site it was very red and hot for a while. Bill didn’t have any reaction at all. So I feel a bit better about going places and soon I may in fact go eat at a restaurant instead of take out. CDC says people who have been vaccinated can be together with out mask (still small group). The biggest issue is- a variance in the virus is happening coming from some of the other countries and have been found in the USA.