Art Exhibit

I was recently a featured artist at a local Veterans Organization. It was actually a sort of mess up I was to be the featured artist in November but somehow they messed up and wanted my things in October. I hadn’t even framed most of the items so it was kind of a mess. I was told they would frame them since it was their mistake but it didn’t happen and they hung them with out frames. This doesn’t make me happy and doesn’t reflect well on my artwork but what cha going do. It was too late to remove them so it went just the way they wanted. I did however remove them the next day. I was successful in selling two pieces. I later learned that I was the only one of all of their featured artist who have ever sold anything.


Yea that one word that either motivates you or makes you run well maybe walk to the fridge and say no way. A few months ago I was diagnosed with COPD and signed up on a pulmonary rehab program which is just monitored exercise. When that program was over I tried signing up at the local community center but I didn’t make it to the place I alway found and reason for not going. So I signed up for the pulmanary after care program and go on Monday and Friday. So today being Friday, one of the things I like about it is there are people there to help you know what equipment to use and how to use it properly. I do have problems in going sometimes but the person in charge calls me if I don’t show up for a couple weeks. So today I am happy with me I did manage to go two days in a row. WOW you say but I am very happy with it.