Monday Monday

Well last night or sometime yesterday they extended the shelter in place to the end of April. Things are getting real here the dogs are complaining cause they get no alone time, they can’t go through the trash with someone around all the time. The cats yea they are highly upset since I moved all the toliet paper up were they can’t reach it to play with anymore.

We are doing okay here its nice that we both have a place in the house where we can get away from each other so I still have a bit of alone time and so does my husband. I reach out to my friend through the week just to check on them and checking on family during this time. I know they keep saying social distancing but I say physical distancing social connection. Last night the Greater Kansas city Interfairth group had a online (ZOOM) pray gathering and my and my husband took part in that and it was kind of nice to do. As I was getting ready for going online looking to see what kind of mess you can see behind me I got to thinking about what I was going to say. I remembered hearing about the drum you can hear all over the reservation in South Dakota and hearing how since people are staying in things are improving less pollution, cleaner waters, animal returning. So this came to me:

Can you hear the drums? They beat the heart beat of Mother Earth. The Mother Earth will heal us but first we must let her heal.

Just another day in

That just about says it. IN. If it wasn’t for my phone I wouldn’t even know what day it is. They just seem to flow together. I have been busy completeing some sewing projects tried to make some mask but so far not being very successful. I am not giving up yet after all got a few days to play here in the house. Starting to get phone calls from the VA rescheduling my appointments to telephone which is fine with me the longer I can stay away from people and practice socail distancing is find with me.

Yesterday I set my alarm and my husband came in and we did some chair exercises and today I went up and down the stairs which for me is a bit of a workout. I think I will look into some other exercise things for Monday. Today the Government said GM would be making ventilators so I don;t know how that’s going to work or how it will affect my husband but maybe he will be back to work soon. He is getting unemployment so hopefully we will be okay. Hey its not like we didn’t just go through this for 6 weeks during the strike. We have plenty of food and even more art supplies and gobs of things to do. I even have a honey do list that he is avoiding.

There is a local company that is making hand sanitizers instead of brewing and just this week they made so you could buy it online and pick it up, before that you had to wait in line in your car and hope they didn’t run out. So I order some yesterday and we will be picking some up tomorrow at 9:00 am so I will at least go on a car ride. But all and all we are doing good and taking time. Each day we come together, him from the garage me from the art room and check in. Trying to keep it normal.

Shelter in Place

This is day 5 of my self isolation, they have announced here in the Kansas City area that it will be a month of shelter in place starting this coming Tuesday. The government is trying to flatten the curve, and I hope they are able to achieve this.

I was sitting her thinking about those who were alive during the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, 9-11 and events like that how fired up we as Americans would get we would fly our American Flags out the front door and our young would gladly enlisted in the military to fight the good fight.

Well now we are in a World War again the enemy is unseen but very aggressive. For many it seem there is nothing they can do to fight this enemy. Yet many are fighting it, the medical are working hard, the government doing what they can, companies stepping up make hand sanitizers instead of beer. Many people are sewing masks. But what can you do as a single citizen ? You can adhere to the Shelter in Place. Do what you need to not be part of the problem not be the canon fodder that is out there helping to spread the enemy. Do your best to not allow the enemy in your home, wash your hand after handling boxes, bags and things that come from outside of the house. This is hard try not to touch your face unless you have washed your hands.

I want to take a moment and talk about mental health of this War no I am not a therapist. I can only speak of my own feelings. I know as I watch television I feel the fear of what is coming, I feel helpless. So this is when I turn off the TV or news and get busy cleaning, sewing, drawing, talking to a friend on the phone. There are many out there who are doing home concerts or just getting together online. I will not forget the social aspects of my life but I will continue to Shelter in Place.

Is this the new normal?

How many of you are asking this, I know I have been. Have we become so comfortable with touch and being close that now we are forced to put distance between ourselves and others. As a person who suffers from PTSD I personally have been avoiding large groups and even in a large group I try to create a bit of a bubble (distance) but that just my disease.

I think the most positive thing to say about this time is to remain calm, yea what happens when someone tells me to remain calm….How am I going to do that.

1. Watch less of the news about the virus, it’s good to be informed but not obsessed.

2. Find projects that I have had on the back burner and work on them, like this blog.

3. Do something I enjoy.. read a book, paint, sew, cook.

4. Find a movie even if it’s one I have seen before and set back and enjoy it

5. Have a quiet conversation with your family.

6. Play some board games or cards with your family

7. Listen to music and get up and dance no one’s watching

8. I f you are missing social contact… there are several programs to do face to face talking.

So with this list I think I might just find something worth keeping me busy during this time of Social Distancing. I bet you can have a list of your own if not feel free to use some ideas on my list.

All I can say is DO NOT PANIC, stay centered and breathe.

Here comes the changes

Signs of season changes

Tomorrow is Halloween and today we are in a freeze warning, might not get many trick or treat kiddies out and about. I am actully turning out the lights. I don’t think that I am really ready for winter and the cold. I find that in the winter I have the habit of hibernation and just stay in. I am even looking at catalogs for warm pajamas to just hang out in the house. However, I need to make my self got outside and keep busy. Life is quiet here now that the strike is over my husband is working weekend to make up for the 6 weeks of no work. So I now have a lot of alone time.

A crazy afternoon

Well I have spent my whole day in the computer room working on this website. I have neglected it for to long.

We waited almost 6 weeks for my husband to be able to return to work. He is a subcontractor at a GM plant. So they were on strike and he couldn’t cross the picked line. So he got a bit of a staycation. I did have a bit of honey-do for him while he was hanging around the house, but often found him hiding in the garage I think to avoid the list.

It sure brought the reality that it is important to have some savings set aside for emergencies. But like so many Americans who live pay check to pay check it’s not always easy to set aside money for savings. I do want to figure a way to do that but first we have to get caught up from the 6 weeks of no pay check.

Today they were to find out if the contract passed or not. So he was checking his phone ever 15 minutes. Then around 3:30 he got a call from his Boss about soon it would be approved. So he told me he was going to get gas in the Jeep so he would be ready to go. So he left, I was so involved in updating the website that after a half hour and he hadn’t returned I called him to find out where he was (kind of knew he got the green light to return to work) but just wanted to have a call to know for sure.

But we both survived and now his back to work and I get my alone time again.

Art Exhibit

I was recently a featured artist at a local Veterans Organization. It was actually a sort of mess up I was to be the featured artist in November but somehow they messed up and wanted my things in October. I hadn’t even framed most of the items so it was kind of a mess. I was told they would frame them since it was their mistake but it didn’t happen and they hung them with out frames. This doesn’t make me happy and doesn’t reflect well on my artwork but what cha going do. It was too late to remove them so it went just the way they wanted. I did however remove them the next day. I was successful in selling two pieces. I later learned that I was the only one of all of their featured artist who have ever sold anything.


Yea that one word that either motivates you or makes you run well maybe walk to the fridge and say no way. A few months ago I was diagnosed with COPD and signed up on a pulmonary rehab program which is just monitored exercise. When that program was over I tried signing up at the local community center but I didn’t make it to the place I alway found and reason for not going. So I signed up for the pulmanary after care program and go on Monday and Friday. So today being Friday, one of the things I like about it is there are people there to help you know what equipment to use and how to use it properly. I do have problems in going sometimes but the person in charge calls me if I don’t show up for a couple weeks. So today I am happy with me I did manage to go two days in a row. WOW you say but I am very happy with it.