time for healing

Well we have survived the elections and it has been announced that Joe Bidden has won. The current president is not giving up he has filed lots of law suits, but hopefully it will all be finished in the next month. I just want the United States to become the UNITE States again. I hope the we can all be Kind again.

I have learned that I do in fact have ALPHA-GAL syndrome (Alphagal syndrome is a recently identified type of food allergy to red meat and other products made from mammals. In the United States, the condition most often begins when a Lone Star tick bites someone. The bite transmits a sugar molecule called alphagal into the person’s body) so now I have to once again adjust my eating habits and exclude even more things.. When you have the Alpha-gal syndrome you are allergic to and can not eat: Beef, Pig, lamb, goat,buffalo,elk, deer, I believe that just about covers it basically I can only eat fish, and fowl.

A friend was telling me of a friend of theirs who has Alpha-gal and how they went through a rough time or anger and depression when they would out. I had the when I first found out I have celiac I remember coming home from the store and crying all the way home that I would never get to eat anything again. So I have gone through that already so having to adjust my eating habits again just doesn’t seem so much of a big deal.

So as we go through November may we all now remember to be thankful for all that we have and most important is to BE KIND

Owning it

I have been watching television and I noticed a ad for a company called Nasty Gal. It made me thing about owning what people say about us. At one time when someone wanted to speak bad about a women they would call her a bitch but now we own that… We call ourselves I am a bitch let me tell you. So recently some one has started to label some women as Nasty Woman. So women are owning it and saying I am a Nasty Women.

So when someone is to cut you down by calling you a name. Own it take the wind out of there sails and say sure I am ….. what you going to do about it.

Goodbye August

Well that was summer, now comes September well I am sure we are still going to have warm days but it always seems that once August ends that is the end of summer we have labor day and everyone returns to school from summer vacation. Summer 2020 has been something I could have slept through and you know what I may have. There is not a lot about this summer that I can talk about. The Best I can say is COVID, but honestly — many protests and riots, such hate and anger all around. People just being rude and entitled. Double hurricanes hitting the Gulf region. Mandatory mask wearing all most everywhere and truthfully I would wear the mask even if it wasn’t mandatory. Oh and what about all the political ads they are soooo nasty. I just feel I can’t believe any of them.

I have spend the last few days sorting through my art room and art supplies. It seems I have three hobbies – making art, collecting art supplies and trying to organize the stuff I have so I can get more art supplies. Such a circular hobby don’t you know.

Well that happened

I woke up this morning around 5am for some reason I checked my email and had about 4 emails saying I signed up for some online course, that I didn’t sign up for, The cost was around 300.00 and put me into the negative in my bank account. I also checked my bank account and saw the charges. So first thing I did was call and told the banker I didn’t place those charges so they issued a case and closed that card. Now I have to wait for a new card and for them to investigate to maybe return the money to my account. In this case I believe the account was hacked and signed up for then they would contact the teacher and tell them they didn’t have access to the email account and give them a different account and then be able to take the class for free on me.

Okay why am I airing this in this blog. I don’t know but I am angry that it has cost me time and money to solve this. I now have to inform anyone who I have reoccurring charges/ subscription that are on that card taking more of my time. I just don’t understand why, people do that. If is a joy in making people suffer, or joy of getting things for free. I don’t know why…… I hope Karma is listening.

Summer continues on

Well it is now August I just so wonder how the time is flying so quickly. We have been still having the COVID virus knocking us for a loop here in the United States. There is so many finger pointing as to why we are were we are with this virus but I feel we just need to concentrate on what will help us to flatten the curve. That is wearing the mask, washing hands and avoiding large groups and stay 6 feet apart. It’s just that simple…. There is no guarantee that do this will stop you from getting the virus but it might help you.

I have COPD and find wearing the mask is very hard for me. I have trouble breathing even when I am wearing my oxygen under the mask. but I feel that by wearing the mask I am doing my part and keeping the virus away from me and you.

I have been making several different styles of mask just to find the one that I can handle wearing for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Covid 19. 10 August how time flies

The last time I posted was the Last of May so we have made it through June and July. Do to the Virus there hasn’t been much to write about I mainly spend my day at the house only to go out to grocery shop. I did go camping two times but both times I spent it pretty much by myself a friend camped next to me but we stayed 6 feet apart. It was really nice to finally get out of the house and allowed my a chance to just watch people in the campground. I went camping last week for two days we had a fire each night. My friend also put some popcorn kernals in the fire and so we would be setting there and watch a kernal pop every so often it was sort of fun.

The Virus is still very much a major issue, the case number still keep rising. People refuse to wear the masks and go out in large groups. We have had a lot of Black Life Matter protest and the media showed lots of people without masks.. Which I feel helps to contribute to the rising numbers of Covid cases.

The report on the vaccine are promising from different sources maybe available by January 2021. There are several who are in phase 3 testing which is from what I understand is the last phase before releasing it to the public.

So only time will tell how much longer we will be staying housebound, avoiding going out to eat and getting together with friends. I do so miss getting together with friends.

The end of May

Well another month has gone by well almost today is the 29 Monday will be the first of June. I don’t know actually what to say about the last three month, life seems to just go into a void nothing to speak of nothing. I have stayed in my home as much as possible only going to get groceries when needed. I have watched television, I have played in my art room, made masks and played with my sewing machine. Two weeks ago my husband went back to work that was good for him. I have had three in house doctor appointments and a couple of Zoom type appointments. Speaking of Zoom I have had a couple times to meet friends on Zoom, must say it’s been nice to be able to do that a chance for talking to someone beside my husband or the cat. I have been able to talk via internet, facetime, and phone to speak to my local friend every day but even that seem lacking to how we use to meet at least once a week for lunch and chat. That will start back again someday but right now I myself am not ready to go hang out where there are a lot of people.

Last weekend was memorial weekend and it seems that people aren’t handling social distancing well because bars, pools and such were very crowded. So now I am waiting to see what happens in 14 to 15 days if there is a spike in the numbers of people who get the virus. As I set her it is Friday the weekend comes and I can’t see anything different then any other day. I remember when the weekend was my time off now its just another day.

Just another Day or is it?

We have been at stay at home/social distancing for over 6 weeks now. I think, well sometimes I am not even sure what day it is they have seem to run into each other. Maybe today is Sunday or Monday not sure. I believe it is now the month of May, April just kind of disappeared into a blur of being in the house.

I was signed up for a weekend camping adventure for June but just got a letter and they cancelled seem like life will still be on hold until summer is over, In fact I believe it will be in a holding pattern until they have a immunization for it. Then people will feel a bit safer, I know I will I fall in the at risk category.

I wonder how long people will remember this time and everything being closed, people wearing masks. How long will it just be a memory spoke about on the television like 9-11, Vietnam War, Kennedy’s assassination things only half remembered like the Spanish Flu, did we learn a lesson will we remember the simple steps that can help keep us from getting virus. Wash you Hands, cough into you elbow, stay at home when your sick. Time will tell

Checking In

Setting at the Lake, while maintaining social distancing

We are beginning our 6 week of isolation, well Bill has not worked for 6 weeks, I sort canceled all of my appoints the week before so I am going into 7 weeks. The GM strike we had in September lasted 6 weeks so we sort of done this already. Hoping we will be back to work by 1 June but time will tell. All we have done is go to the store for groceries and Bill mainly did that. Twice now on a nice day we have gone out a set by a local lake and enjoyed the sun and watched people fish. Today I watch two blue herons flying back and forth and one of them almost landing where a goose was which turned into sort of a stand off.

I have COPD so when I am up and active I am suppose to be using oxygen, then comes this Virus and we now are asked to wear masks. So I contacted my Doctor and asked about wearing the mask over my oxygen and was told its ok. SO this works out good for me because I also am claustrophobic and having the o2 on under the mask helps me. I can’t imagine what its like for other people who are claustrophobic.

I have been very busy making masks I have about 10 more cut out to make for my husband when he starts back to work, I believe he will need to use them when he walks through the plant.