A crazy afternoon

Well I have spent my whole day in the computer room working on this website. I have neglected it for to long.

We waited almost 6 weeks for my husband to be able to return to work. He is a subcontractor at a GM plant. So they were on strike and he couldn’t cross the picked line. So he got a bit of a staycation. I did have a bit of honey-do for him while he was hanging around the house, but often found him hiding in the garage I think to avoid the list.

It sure brought the reality that it is important to have some savings set aside for emergencies. But like so many Americans who live pay check to pay check it’s not always easy to set aside money for savings. I do want to figure a way to do that but first we have to get caught up from the 6 weeks of no pay check.

Today they were to find out if the contract passed or not. So he was checking his phone ever 15 minutes. Then around 3:30 he got a call from his Boss about soon it would be approved. So he told me he was going to get gas in the Jeep so he would be ready to go. So he left, I was so involved in updating the website that after a half hour and he hadn’t returned I called him to find out where he was (kind of knew he got the green light to return to work) but just wanted to have a call to know for sure.

But we both survived and now his back to work and I get my alone time again.

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